"Made In Japan" 45 Vinyl Box Set

$ 35.00

8 Songs | MR088 | Release Date 2015

The Frontier Circus's penchant for picking great tunes continues on. Led by Danny Grace and surrounded by a stellar pack of cohorts [namely members of the Boondogs & Bloodless Cooties], Made In Japan represents the band's pinnacle and is packaged in a way as to leave no doubt. Four beautiful 45 singles in a boxed set that includes liner notes as well as a digital download card.

Limited vinyl pressing on colored vinyl in a handmade, hand numbered box set.

Digital purchase options include: iTunes | amazon.com


1. Made In Japan

2. Lost To A Geisha Girl

3. Window Up Above

4. Pablo Picasso Never Got Called Redneckerson

5. Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

6. Everybody Wants A Cowboy

7. Arkansas Twist

8. Walk On The Wild Side

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