$ 10.00

13 Songs | MR091 | Release Date 2015

Here's the exciting new project from husband & wife duo, mömandpöp [aka, Bobby & Virginia Matthews]. It's music geared for kids and families with songs about pizza parties, old people, socks & shoes and introduces a cast of fun characters to the mix. Featuring amazing artwork from Isaac Alexander in a beautiful eco-friendly cardboard cd jacket that includes a beautiful twelve page lyric booklet.

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1. We're So Glad To See You

2. A Week In The Life

3. Truly Peculiar

4. November Bells

5. Socks And Shoes

6. Lookin' Good

7. Roy G. Biv

8. Leaves

9. The Big Water Number

10. Old People Are Cool!

11. Pizza Party

12. Take Care

13. This Isn't Goodbye


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