New Store No. 2

$ 19.98

11 Songs | MR113 | Release Date: February 14, 2020

Limited pressing on 150g black vinyl in a gatefold jacket with lyrics & liner notes.


1. Birdhouse

2. Walking Through The Water

3. K.J. Jamell

4. New Store No. 2

5. Eloise

6. Cause And Effect

7. Most Of What I Know I Learned From Women

8. I Wasn't Concerned Till Now

9. Jack Lee's Dead

10. Dear Songwriter

11. The Song Turns Blue


"...befitting an anthem to  vanishing small town America, to the dreadful neglect of rural Arkansas, and to the fleeting evanescence of our immigrate ancestry - all that is the very core of once, almost noble America. Compliments on the video as well - so essential, meaningful, fun, and reaffirms the notion that creative visuals depend least of all on budgetary mandate." - Tav Falco

"His last two records -- 2016's Arkansas Summer and this one -- approach the pinnacle of a certain kind of adult pop music that was once fairly common (Jimmy Webb, Van Dyke Parks, Joni Mitchell) but is now nearly extinct." - Phillip Martin / Arkansas Democrat Gazette

"Maxwell delivers these exquisite, thematically unified and acutely realized confessional records in the tradition of the great albums of the ’70s. Hear this part well: At my age (and we’ll leave it at that), and after all this, the man is doing what is not just the best work of his career, but really, the best work of almost anyone’s career, if you ask me. It’s really up to the audience now." - John Burdick / Hudson Valley One

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