Strange Mystery

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13 Songs | MR081 | Release Date 2013

On his third independent release Drexel juxtaposes where he is now against the map of his life. Strange Mystery is more than an artistic progression. It is a transcendence of expression and ability that only a life lived could create.  Drexel has always been searching and telling stories about the places and people around him.  A Drexel record is far from a solo effort; he surrounds himself with friends and family to write, record, design, and market his albums.  These relationships span his entire life.  From childhood friends to newer acquaintances, Drexel shares his inspiration and they in turn share theirs with him.  

With this new collection of songs he is still looking, but he has also found. The songs ring with hope, reflection, and understanding. He talks about the women in his life, his heroes, and, the places and events that shape him as an artist and as a man.  Like a novelist Drexel paints pictures with his words and he weaves the most important people and places into the narrative. He reflects on the place where he was born and spent his early childhood on "Born On A Tuesday" and "Minden".  In many ways Drexel closely defines himself by those years spent in central and northern Louisiana.  "Back In The Seventies" and "Money To Burn" comprise a mini opera of sorts.  Each track represents a different side of the same story.  In 1978 Drexel's father was kidnapped by a pair of somewhat brutal and somewhat luckless bank robbers.  The first tells his father's side while the second represents the doomed criminal’s viewpoint.  Mixed in are songs about his wife and daughter "The Old Oak Tree" and "Pretty As The Sun", songs about his adopted home New York City "Foolin Around" and "Lucky Stars On Fire", and songs built upon pure reflection "Strange Mystery" and "Spirit Of Love".  

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