Tingle Tangle Wanda!

$ 19.98

14 Songs | MR083 | Release Date 2014

Here it is, the third album and unfortunate final word from Philadephia's Blood Feathers. Led by twin arrows Ben Dickey & Drew Mills - along with fellow Natural Staters' Sam Murphy and Clay Simmons. Tingle Tangle Wanda is tuneful, rocking, and damn essential. 

Limited pressing on 180g black vinyl with tip-on jacket. Digital download is included.

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1. On & On.

2. Gunpowder

3. It'd Be A Pity Gal

4. Lost Without You Baby

5. Baby's Got His Daddy's Eyes

6. Blood Orange

7. Isaac

8. Baby Blue Robins Egg

9. No Ones Gonna Miss You When You're Gone

10. Fireproof

11. My Rifle, My Pony, & Me

12. Sweet Tea

13. It Is Hard Being You (I Am Sure)

14. We're In Heaven Now

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