Vision Control "Blaspheme" & "Outer Outs"

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2 Songs | MR092 | Release Date 2015

John Pugh is Vision Control. He's also been Free Blood, Jetjangua, !!!, among many many others. To say we go back with this man is an understatement. And now - as has always been the case - John lurches forward into the musical future. His search for authentically far out, inspiring, hip shake inducing sounds continues as well. And now a message about the songs from John...

"Blaspheme"--This song is a miniature tribute to the free shows that were happening in the early-mid 1990's in Riverfront Park in Little Rock, AR. specifically, and also, in a generalized sense, to the worldwide and decade-spanning phenomenon of young people fomenting their own culture as a rejection/recombination of "mainstream"/ manufactured culture.  It is the portrait of "Sheila", "Hector", "Gwendolyn" and a house full of day-sleeping kids who mysteriously assemble with shitty speakers and legal stimulants in the park as a solution to the existential boredom of American life. Out of sheer desperation, they find a strutting empowerment, and a deeper responsibility to themselves, each other and the "outside" world.  "I really hope you're ready for love"  the narrator intones, meaning both a immediate romantic liaison and full-scale long-term social revolution. 

"Outer Outs"--This song is dedicated to the memory of Victor Wiley. A local lightening rod for art, music, activism and other shit in Little Rock, AR. throughout his too-breif time on our planet. Uptown Prophets. The Ventilators. Fuyu.  Stranger Steals. Other Shit. What he referred to as "outings". A more challenging approach; unafraid to wrestle with the physical (and metaphysical) limitations of musical equipment and human beings. Chaos as something resembling order without sacrificing its natural beauty. The function of music and sound was beyond just entertainment or ego-gratification. Victor understood the way the waves went. They could also act as a doorway to other dimensions of perception; further "out" than "out"--"outer outs". 

Recorded at Vacation Island Recordings (RIP).

Engineered/mixed by Brian Time
Produced by John Pugh XI
Mastered by Jason Weinheimer
Saxophone by Ryan Seaton
Photography by Benjamin Mistak
Executive Producer: Burt Taggart
All Rights Reserved 2015

Limited pressing on black vinyl in a white paper sleeve.

Read more about Vision Control via the Arkansas Times here:

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