Arkansas Summer

$ 12.98

11 Songs | MR094 | Release Date: March 4, 2016

"Chris Maxwell musically channels the heart of Americana-pop — Big Star, Freedy Johnston, Wilco and the like — in crafting a song-cycle as personal as home movies with X-rays included. A beautifully poised grown-up album in an age that still coughs one up from time to time." - Jonathan Lethem

"It is an absolutely shimmering collection of personal songs in elegant, wildly diverse and imaginative settings, a portion of which could be described as masterful Baroque Americana." - John Burdick (Almanac Weekly)

Maxwell's Midlife Masterpiece - Philip Martin (Arkansas Democrat Gazette)

Limited pressing on 150g black vinyl (+ digital download card).

Digital purchase options include: iTunes |


1. Strange Shadows

2. Have You Ever Killed Yourself

3. Imaginary Man

4. Mess Of Things

5. Arkansas Summer

6. Impossible Knot

7. Devil Song

8. Drunk Barber Shaved The World

9. Things Have Changed For Me

10. Away We Go

11. Last Song

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