Dirty Lowdown Adventure

$ 10.00

21 Songs | MR041 | Release Date 2008

On Dirty Lowdown Adventure, Arkansas' The Good Fear has created an eclectic mix of tunes that drifts between indie dream pop and Southern rock. The compositions blend acoustic guitars and brooding keys. "Yawn, yawn, yawn, ya : sleep" is a gentle lament on losing touch with one's surroundings. The gut bucket riff of "Where We Were Before" provides oomph for a fist-pumping rock anthem. "IKnow They've Branded Me," the best song on the record, an ethereal pop tune complete with dark synths, acoustic strums and hand claps. "Just a Vice" is a bluesy tune about the first stage of addiction that features a drum loop.

The Good Fear mixes a diversity of styles into a powerful record, one that will surely stand out among all other Arkansas releases this year.

- via the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

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