Eleven Traditional Songs

$ 10.00

13 Songs | MR043 | Release Date 2008

Summer 2003 and Loch Ness Monster, then known as Nessie, open up for The Dead Kennedys. A great show to be sure, then inexplicably, original bassist turned second guitarist Steve Ross jumps ship for Memphis leaving the band as a trio once more. Brian Hirrel, the other guitarist and singer suggests to drummer Matt Nicholas and bassist Jimmy Young that he is becoming increasingly fed up with singing and wants to concentrate on guitar and writing. All aboard Sulac, throat extraodinaire to fill the gap, quick name change and focus and bam, Loch Ness monster have arrived.
Never a band to take things too fast, it has taken four years for their first studio recording. Holed up with Jason Tedford at Wolfman in Little Rock in the fall of 07, the band has produced "Eleven Traditional Songs" to be released this summer on Max Recordings. Blah.....blah....blah...blah

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