Great Big Diamond

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13 Songs | MR049 | Release Date 2009

The band started as a punk rock-cover band-side project to Little Rock's Jubilee Dive. Debuting as When Michael Jackson Rears His Flaming Head and then later the Blunads which included Chris Maxwell, David Jukes, Joe Cripps and Bruce Hulsey. When Joe and Bruce left the band to focus on school, Chris and David enlisted Jud Martindale, former drummer of Jubilee Dive and the barefoot Yellville newbie, Brent Smith Labeau on bass. The band dropped the punkrock covers, changed it's name to the Gunbunnies and started taking things a little more serious. The major kick in the pants was in 1986 when CMJ voted the Gunbunnies "Best Undiscovered Band". Shortly after this, the band was signed to New York office of Virgin records. After the album was released, the New York office closed and with it went the Gunbunnies' allies. After a national tour, the band was dropped. Warner Bros. picked the band up for a development deal but never signed them. Eventually, after years of a steady incline, the band began to lose altitude very quickly. Maxwell made a few attempts of keeping things going but once David decided to leave, the point was moot. What is featured here are Warner Bros. songs recorded after the Paw Paw Patch record came out. Never before released, it shows the band in a much truer light than the Virgin record ever did. Viva la 80's!! 
Click through here for a Gunbunnies piece that ran in the Oxford American.

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