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14 Songs | MR087 | Release Date 2014

The Yellow Hope is a second-generation Korean-American and a first-generation Southerner who grew up in Louisiana. Through an outside-from-within perspective, the Yellow Hope has been able to travel musically without boundaries between all of the rich traditions of Southern-American music. This unique experience provides the raw material for him to write songs rooted deeply in folk, soul, country, jazz, blues, rock, and pop with honesty and authenticity.

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1. Pathetic, Sad & Inadequate

2. Let Me Just Love You

3. Troubled Girl

4. The Greatest Lie Ever Told

5. The Lesson

6. I Actually Feel Pretty Good Today

7. Shoulder The Pain

8. Nobody Cries Drinking Tequila

9. Once More

10. The Party

11. You & Me

12. Next In Line

13. World Where You Live

14. Still You & Me



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