Morning & Night

$ 10.00

10 Songs | MR051 | Release Date 2009

After spending over 2 decades as a supporting musician (including one nighters with Cab Calloway, Martha and the Vandellas, and Augie Myers, touring with Beanland, numerous recordings and dates with Boondogs, and gigs with artists such as Jim Dickinson, Greg Spradlin, Isaac Alexander, Kevin Gordon, Steve Howell, and Buddy Flett), Chris Michaels finally steps into the spotlight with his debut album, Morning & Night. It may have been a long time coming, but the album plays less like a debut and more like the product of a confident seasoned pro. 
The record reveals two side of Michaels as an artist - "On the Mirror” channels late-period Nick Lowe, while “NeverBe” is the best Replacements song you've never heard.  And tracks like “Daylight Fallen” and “Say it Again” show Michaels to be a guitar player worthy of his heroes David Hidalgo and Richard Thompson.
Michaels assembled a cast of his favorite musicians for a late summer weekend to flesh out his compositions.  He invited three drummers and even more guitar players, then just let everything fall into place. “My goal was for everyone to hang out and have a good time-- and to play whenever they heard an idea or a part.” The laid back recording session is reflected in a relaxed but polished recording that feels like a weekend of good friends making music together. 

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