PHD In Lonely

$ 5.00

2 Songs | MR008 | Release Date 2005

Though their roots are firmly entrenched in Arkansas terra firma, there’s something else that The Results seem to channel very easily. It’s the whole 80’s Minneapolis sound. Call them the band that didn’t emerge from that scene with a major label deal. With mixed parts of the song tension of the ‘Mats, bits of Jayhawkian spirit, and at times the blissed out guitar fuzz of Husker Du. If that all sounds too anachronistic for you then you’re probably not going to get what makes The Results so special. Three good natured boys – Chris Burnley, Steve Kooms, Tre Baker – who put together some of the most modest, yet truly great, rock and roll songs around. And now with a single on the way for “Phd In Lonely” b/w “Harder”, The Result's profile looks to get a long overdue shot in the arm.

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